The Wonders of the Pantanal

At Fazenda Santa Cruz visitors can enjoy a natural environment typically, rural and human activities offered by in their day-to-day as monitor pedestrians in cattle dealing, watch the milking, feed the animals, watch the making of brown sugar, know the history of the region at Memorial Pantaneiro, besides appreciating during the hiking, horseback riding, carriage rides, recreational fisheries in the bay, paddle boat rides on the lake, bike tours, nocturnal, photographic safaris and viewing the lush flora and fauna of the Pantanal.

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- Farmtour: Presentation of the historic seat with architecture and period furniture, Memorial Human Pantaneiro (space honoring the men and women who shaped the history of the Pantanal), plantation of cane sugar, "Trail of the first well," corral, shed, machine rooms, etc..

- Walks: Walk through rustic trails for wildlife observation and noble specimens of trees wetland flora;

- Horse Rides: through fields of native grasslands, forests, wetlands, cerradões, cultivated pasture, with possible activities with cattle;

- Photo Safari: Contemplative walks through fields, forests and wetlands of the farm in a 4x4 vehicle specially adapted to the function;

- Bike tours: Tours gravel road, on trails through the trees until the retreat of the farm, past the cowboy shed and other outbuildings;

- Recreational fishing: activity developed in the Bay retreat farm on which constitutes recreational fishing with bamboo rods on the deck partially covered for protection from sun and rain.

- Buggy ride through the outskirts of thirst;

- Read cattle: During the routine of real estate, it can be seen milking, working cattle in the corral, the salting troughs and rodeos.

» Average length of trips: 1 ½ hours to 3 hours.


Tours extras
(values ​​not included in the daily rate):

- Panoramic flights: program average duration between 45 minutes and 01 hours and half. Excellent opportunity to get to know the surrounding region, such as the Heath Taboco, Aquidauana Rio, Rio Negro, with its famous salt marshes and Pantanal (located just a 15 minute flight).

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