From Campo Grande
Tourists from Campo Grande need take the BR 262, through the cities of Terenos and afther Anastacio / Aquidauana. The entrance is located at km 541 of BR-262 (49 km after the second traffic circle leading to the cities of Anastacio and Aquidauana). At this point there is a cloverleaf and a sign indicating the entrance to the right. The headquarters of the ranch lies just 32 km on gravel road with good traffic and signaling.

From Miranda 
Tourists from Corumbá, Bonito, Bodoquena and Miranda. Leaving from the traffic circle at BR 262 of the city of Miranda (opposite the restaurant "Zero Hora") take the asphalt road that runs toward the locality of Agachi. The first 14 km are on asphalt road and the other 26 km on gravel road in total will be 40 km, with good conditions of traffic and signaling.

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