Its headquarters retains all the original features of a typical townhouse centennial, where it was installed an infrastructure capable of hosting up to 13 people staying comfortably installed in 4 apartments (3 triples and 1 quadruple), all equipped with air-conditioning, fan , private bathroom (hot and cold), mini bar and wireless internet.

- Its facilities offer a TV room adjoining the dining room, large balconies around the headquarters, hammocks, retreat, orchard, vegetable garden and more. We also have special facilities for hosting drivers and tour guides.


Our visitors can enjoy the most traditional and authentic cuisine Pantanal, prepared in a typical wood stove, for experienced cooks and is served in a large greenhouse space, ventilated, with bar and toilets for male and female independent apartments, with regular capacity of 50 people .


Typical food from the farm and also a variety according to the tastes of each

Activities carried out on the farm:

07:30 - Breakfast
09:00 - First ride of the day (Horseback Riding, Fishing, visit the museum's Pantanal)
12:00 - Lunch
15:00 - photographic safari ride through the woods, the possibility of spotting animals, birds, plants and beautiful landscapes.

Extra activities: Nocturnal, wetland rural (farm life and surroundings).

All this and much more, come moments of tranquility amidst a beautiful nature


Museum Pantaneiro
Fazenda Santa Cruz - A cozy place of exuberant nature. Where life is present at every moment.


  ContaCT: Phone: (67) 3258-1018