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Mato Grosso do Sul
major landmarks
Bacia do R. Paraguai and main cities


The Pantanal, with average temperature around 32 ° C; winter, with average temperature around 21 ° C, with a few days of very severe cold, with occasional frosts in some regions between July and August.

The Pantanal is governed primarily by the water cycle, which allows the climatology of the region divided into four distinct seasons: dry season (May to September), floods (October-December), full (January-March) and ebb (of April-May).

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- Fazenda Santa Cruz values ​​the utmost satisfaction of its visitors, so to make your stay truly enjoyable and enjoyed calmly, but without unnecessary excesses, we recommend 1-2 daily in the rainy season (November to April) and 2 to 4 daily during dry periods (May to October).

- What can not miss in your luggage: reinforced pants such as jeans, cap, t-shirts, lightweight fabric sleeve shirts, hooded jacket for cooler days and night tours, comfortable shoes and strengthened to rustic hiking, boots suitable for horseback riding (with smooth soles), sun glasses, sunscreen and insect repellent. Give preference to light-colored clothes because it is fresher and attract fewer insects.


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